Fluency Corp’s Micah Bellieu at Worldwide ERC Conference

We always get so much out of the events hosted by Worldwide ERC, the organization for global mobility professionals around the world. This fall’s Global Workforce Symposium was no exception.

For us, one of the highlights was that Fluency Corp founder and CEO Micah Bellieu was interviewed for “Leadership Unplugged” by Peggy Smith, the outgoing president of Worldwide ERC.

A few highlights from the interview:

  • While Micah has 10 years of experience as a language instructor, she also has instructors on her team who have been teaching language even longer. So she’s always open and encouraging to her team members’ ideas.
  • Micah’s first boss out of college was a major influence on her. Her approachability and humility made it easier for her team to try new things and not fear making mistakes.
  • What advice would she give her younger self? “One of the things that I would say is ‘Who cares what anyone else thinks?’ … Even if people are saying ‘That’s just not the way it’s done,’ keep pushing forward.”

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More About Worldwide ERC

Worldwide ERC has a packed calendar of events for 2020 that spans cities including Houston, Frankfurt, Shanghai and Chicago. Besides in-person events, the organization always presents great webinars and other learning content.

Everything Worldwide ERC does promotes the goals we also believe in passionately at Fluency Corp: supporting global businesses and connecting talent across borders. With more than 7,400 members representing over 3,500 companies around the world, this is an organization doing vital work, and we encourage any mobility professional to be a part of it.