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Confident and clear 2nd language communication is a key factor in the success of international relocations, collaboration, talent retention, and daily productivity. Studying a language on paper is not the same as working in your 2nd language 8-10 hours a day with native speakers. Whether your team is trying to connect with fellow employees or clients in Spanish, French or Japanese, or you want to improve your expats’ English, relevant language coaching should be a critical component in your global strategy.

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Based out of Dallas, Texas, Fluency Corp provides customized corporate language training to multilingual companies all over the world – take lessons in any language, in any country. Your employees choose the schedule, and there are no cookie cutter courses, since every course is based on individual employee’s needs. Whether you choose language lessons in the office or live online, every class is with a professional, native tutor. Take English classes, Spanish classes, or get a coach for accent reduction. We start every course with a deep analysis of what the learner needs, and from there, devise a specific plan based on job, needs, daily tasks and conversations, accent challenges, and so much more. What goes in to making a Fluency Corp language course cannot be described on a webpage. Make an appointment on our calendar, so we can show you one of our progress reports, and you can see how deeply relevant each of our language courses gets.

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