Importance of the Spanish Language for Recruiting

Are you looking to hire new people into your company? You’re probably asking for very specific skills for the different vacancies you may have. No matter the position you’re hiring for or the industry you work in, we recommend that you ask for second language skills—especially a proficiency in Spanish.

But beyond that, we also recommend that you, the recruiter or the CEO, learn Spanish and work to become fluent. This is a very important language, not only for employees, but also for the recruiter and boss.

Don’t believe us? Here are some points that will help you understand the importance of the Spanish language for recruiting.

Why is Spanish Important for the Recruiting Process?

Spanish is a Global Language

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages around the world! More than 20 countries use it as its official language, from America to Europe. And not just that, but many foreigners also love to learn it as their second language. This leaves Spanish as an essential language for companies to reach wider audiences and grow their teams.

You, as a recruiter that knows Spanish, can also publish vacancies for international workers.

Relocation Processes

If you work in Human Resources, being bilingual will help you through many of the relocation processes.

If you need an employee that speaks Spanish, you can reach one of your branch offices in another country, and together work to relocate one of their Hispanic employees to your office and country. Or the other way around. You can send one of your employees to work in one of your offices in a Spanish speaking country. To do all of this, of course, you must know the language. This way, you’ll be able to speak to the other country’s HR professionals in order to close the relocation deal. You’ll also be able to help the employee through their moving experience.

A Better Interviewing Process that will Result in Hiring Valuable Spanish Speakers

Recruiters and CEOs usually ask candidates for second language skills, because they know that they will help the company grow. So, naturally, a lot of interviewers will be native Spanish speakers or will claim to know the language very well.

You, as a recruiter, must have great command of the Spanish language. That’s the only way you’ll be able to know if your interviewers truly know the language. Besides checking their resumes, you could do a part of the meeting in Spanish. Or you could call them for a second interview completely in this language. That way, you’ll be able to assess how fluent they are.

Knowing this language will not only help you interview them better, it will also help you hire honest employees. There’s nothing better for your company than a bilingual team full of great values!

Recruiting Vocabulary in Spanish

In our Fluency Corp’s language classes, we teach you Spanish vocabulary for recruiting. We recommend that you learn the following Spanish words and then practice their pronunciation by using the phrases below. Or you can roleplay with a friend using this vocabulary. That’s the way we teach, not only by memorizing, but by putting the newly acquired knowledge into practice. It’s fun, it will make you truly remember the vocabulary, and you’ll become fluent!

After practicing it over and over again, you’ll have some incredibly useful Spanish vocabulary to impress your boss, employees and interviewers.

Here are some words you’ll learn in our classes and might use as a recruiter in your Spanish interviews:

  • Experiencia – Experience
  • Candidato / candidata – Possible worker
  • Reclutadora / reclutador – Recruiter
  • Trabajo – Job / Work
  • Compañía – Company
  • Vacante – Vacant / Vacancy
  • Entrevista – Interview

If you want specific words to understand a Spanish resume, we will also teach you that. You can use these words to ask candidates their personal information during the first part of an interview:

  • Nombre – Name
  • Edad – Age
  • Ocupación – Occupation
  • Profesión – Profession
  • Lugar de residencia – Place of residence
  • Nacionalidad – Nationality
  • Curriculum – Curriculum

We also have some Spanish Q&A recommendations for recruiting. You’ll notice that we use some of the words above:

  • ¿Tiene tiempo para unas preguntas? / Do you have time for some questions?
    Sí, dígame / Yes, tell me
  • ¿Cómo supo de la vacante? / How did you find out about the vacancy?
    Por las redes sociales / Through social media
  • ¿Qué experiencia tiene? / What’s your experience?
    Tengo ___ 5 años ____ de experiencia / I have __5 years____ of experience.
    No tengo experiencia, aprendo rápido / I don´t have experience, I learn quickly

And let’s not forget that everyday phrases are also important during any interview process. They help break the ice and build rapport. Here are some Spanish expressions you might use or hear as a recruiter:

  • Buenos días / Good morning
  • Sí, gracias / Yes, thank you
  • Muy bien / Very good
  • Por las redes sociales / Through social media

Become a Better Recruiter with Fluency Corp

After learning all of the vocabulary above, you’re on the way to preparing for a first interview with a potential candidate. But you’ll need more vocabulary, practice and classes in order to keep going with the recruiting process. So, if you want to become a better Human Resources worker and recruiter, check out Fluency Corp’s language classes.

We have many different languages for you and your employees to pick from, including Spanish. And all of our lessons are customized to the job. Our native tutors will focus on teaching you things related to your field. Soon after starting, you’ll notice you can actually use what you learn. So, if you’re a recruiter, we’ll help you learn relevant vocabulary and will help you practice for interviews.

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