How to Say ‘I Love You’ in 25 Different Languages

As Valentine’s Day draws near, love is everywhere you look. And here at Fluency Corp, our love of all the world’s languages means love is everywhere you hear as well. There’s one phrase that’s always the most beautiful in any language: I love you. Here’s how to say “I Love You” in 25 of the world’s most-spoken languages:

Saying ‘I Love You’ in 25 Languages

1. Mandarin Chinese: Wǒ ài nǐ
2. English: I love you
3. Hindustani: main tumase pyaar karata hoon
4. Spanish: te quiero
5. Arabic: ‘ahbak
6. Malay: saya sayang awak
7. Russian: YA lyublyu tebya
8. Bengali: Āmi tōmāẏa bhālōbāsi
9. Portuguese: eu te amo
10. French: je t’aime
11. Japanese: Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu
12. Punjabi: Maiṁ tuhānū pi’āra karadā hāṁ
13. German: ich liebe dich
14. Javanese: aku tresno karo kowe
15. Cantonese: Ngo ngoi nei
16. Telugu: Nēnu ninnu prēmistunnānu
17. Vietnamese: Tôi mến bạn
18. Korean: salanghae
19. Marathi: Mī tujhyāvara prēma karatō
20. Tamil: Nāṉ uṉṉai kātalikkiṟēṉ
21. Turkish: seni seviyorum
22. Italian: ti amo
23. Hausa: zan so ku
24. Farsi: dooset daram
25. Swahili: nakupenda

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