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In today’s fast moving, globalized world it’s important to keep ourselves updated in many different topics, including sustainability. This can be a difficult task.

So, if you’re looking for someone to guide you through this process and to share their knowledge with you, look no more! EuRA will have their next sustainability webinar event soon: “Thriving together: Employment practices for sustainable development”.

It seems very promising, and they want to help you understand and manage different important topics for your employees nowadays. All while building sustainability.

About EuRA

The European Relocation Association (EuRA) is a non-profit organization committed to improve the global mobility and relocation industry. They do this by offering education and support to fellow professionals.

They have what it’s called The Executive Group, which is a council with a President, Vice President and all their members. These members represent different regions, so when a problem comes up, there are different perspectives to solve it.

If you like what this organization stands for, you can become a member! There’s the Full Membership for “[…] destination service providers and relocation management companies…” that have been working for two years.

Then, there’s the Associate Membership for “[…] destination service providers and relocation management companies…” that have been working for less than two years.

Finally, there’s the Supplier Membership for “[…] companies whose commercial activities are linked to and used by relocation service providers”.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, December 6th, 2023
Time: There will be two different times. At 10:00 CET and at 17:00 CET. Choose the one that fits your agenda the best.
Location: Online Webinar

Since September of this year, EuRA has been having a series of webinar sessions about sustainability. This is because they understand the importance of this topic. Now it’s time for their third session: “Thriving together: Employment practices for sustainable development” webinar.

But don’t worry if you missed the first two, they’ll send you the recordings as soon as you sign up for this event. This is great news, because you’ll also learn a lot from those past webinars.

For this third event, they promise to “[…] explore approaches to fostering an inclusive workplace in line with the sustainable development goals”. To achieve that, they say they’ll “[…] delve into strategies that empower both the workforce of DSPs and elevates our advisory practices”.

They’ll talk about things like attraction of diverse talent, and equality. So you can change your company to a workplace where employees can grow. They also aim for all their sustainability webinars to be interactive, so it’s more fun.

You can register now. If you’re a member, it costs $200 EUR without VAT. If you aren’t a member, it costs $400 EUR without VAT.

Speaker: Johannes de Kam

Johannes de Kam has an amazing education. He studied a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management at Coventry University. There, he also got the Linguae Mundi Certificate in Foreign Language Teaching.

Then, he also got the CELTA. As if that weren’t enough, he got a PhD in Education at University of Warwick.

He’s also built a great career. He worked as a Dutch language Teacher and as a Trainer Assistant at Coventry University. He’s also worked at University of Warwick in many different roles.

First he worked in Administration for Warwick in Africa. Then, he became a Teaching Fellow for six years! Among those years, he also became a IAS ECF Fellow, which he’s been for two years.

On his LinkedIn, he states he specializes “[…] in issues pertaining to global mobility of employees”.

On his Warwick profile, he states, his “[…] educational specialism is in promoting critical and reflective thinking through training on teamwork, self-reflection and inquiry and research skills”.

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