EuRA Global Conference Costa Rica 2022

If you’re a Human Resources or global mobility worker, you probably know of the challenges of the relocation industry. A lot of them are related to the economy of the companies and clients, and the cultural shock of moving away. But there are also many benefits.

If you want to be a better professional, you have to keep learning about those challenges and benefits. That’s the only way you’ll become better at your work, and will help improve the industry. Which, by the way, is always evolving, so you have to be updating your knowledge all the time. To help you achieve that, you are invited to the EuRA Global Conference in Costa Rica: “Stronger Together; The Power of Collaboration”. Where you’ll discuss the relocation business and your ideas with fellow co-workers, and will learn from the best.

About EuRA

The European Relocation Association (EuRA) is a non-profit organization that educates about the relocation and global mobility industry. They do that by hosting different relocation events and conferences. As well as by publishing news about what’s going on in the industry and in the world. Because at the end of the day, the global mobility business is affected by what happens in the world.

They also promote relocation services because they know that relocating an employee costs a lot of money to a company. They are also aware of the cultural challenges that people suffer when they are relocated. And they believe they can help with that.

Some of their goals are to “promote the highest levels of professionalism and service” and “track industry trends and disseminate industry information”. As well as “create a professional framework within which the relocation industry can grow and develop”. As you can see, they’re really interested in providing a great service in helping you and the industry in general.

Since they like to promote education around the mobility business, they offer a training program: The Managing International Mobility Study Programme (MIM Training).

It aims to train the team of EuRA’s member companies so they become better at their work. There are three “milestones” you have to achieve during this program.

They also offer a “EuRA Global Quality Seal Plus”, which is an accreditation for relocation providers. And it shows the high-level skills of the professionals that have this accreditation. This program is directed toward EuRA members and has also been created by EuRA members.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of being part of EuRA, become a member! They have different membership levels so you to choose the one that fits your profile the best.

EuRA Global Conference in Costa Rica Event Details

Date: Nov 2 – Nov 3, 2022
Location: Marriott Hacienda de Belen is 700 meters west of Bridgestone/Firestone, La Ribera de Belen Heredia, Costa Rica
Start: Wednesday 2nd at 9:30 am; Thursday 3rd at 10:00 am

This is EuRA’s fifth Global Conference. And the theme this year is “Stronger Together; The Power of Collaboration”. During the conference, they’ll discuss the “economic and cultural opportunities and challenges” that companies face when relocating to the Americas. They’ll discuss North, Central, and South America. They’ll also “look at Corporate Communication in a panel session of HR and delivery experts from across the region”.

They will also have their “Legal and Compliance training programme”, and will offer MIM workshops.

As you can see, they have many different activities, from conferences to networking opportunities, planned on their agenda. On Wednesday, they’ll have the “Legal Compliance and Mobility” conference as part of their MIM Training. Later, there will be a cocktail reception, and finally, a gala dinner, in which you’ll be able to bond with other professionals.

On Thursday, there will be many more conference sessions with different topics. There will also be a morning coffee and later a celebration dinner. There will even be one last conference on Friday, which counts for their MIM Training.

You can also be a sponsor. There are many different sponsorships depending on how much you want to contribute. And each one has benefits for you too. From getting your logo on their website to having a company profile in the conference programme. Some sponsorships are already taken, but there are still some available.

The hotel will have rooms with prices starting at just $155. You can book a hotel room here.

The conference package for members is $425,00 EUR (excluding VAT), and for non-members it is $600,00 EUR (excluding VAT). The legal training for members costs $100,00 EUR (excluding VAT), and for non-members it is $150,00 EUR (excluding VAT).

Register for the conference here.

EuRA Global 2022 Speakers

To get an idea of the powerful information you will glean from the EuRA Global Conference in Costa Rica, check out the depth of speakers.

  • Sabine Baerlocher – Manager & Owner of Active Synapses SA
  • Alan Bell – SVP Solutions Consulting at Equus Software
  • Maria Carolina Neri – General Manager at LARM Group
  • Maria Jose – Regional Director at LARM Group
  • Gordon Kerr – Strategic Consultant – Legal Services at EuRA
  • Adrian Leach – Managing Director at HCR Group
  • Brenda Levis – Founder and president of NYC Navigator
  • Stuart McAlister – Managing Director at Inter Relocation Group
  • Ricardo Núñez – Principal Consultant at Núñez Enterprises Global Intercultural Strategies
  • Susan R. Ginsberg – Founder and Managing Principal at SRG ADVISORY
  • Lorraine Sandford – Co-founder and Managing Partner at LABS Relocation Services
  • Dornet Venturanza – Partner of Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group Philippines and founder and CEO of Annexus International Relocation Service Inc.
  • Becky Woods – Senior Director, Global Mobility at ADP
  • Tad Zurlinden – CEO at EuRA

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