EuRA’s Being EuRA Conference | Being International with your DE&I Policy

If you work in the relocation and Human Resources industry, you need to learn and update your knowledge constantly. There’s always something new you can learn, like ways of working, managing people, and new policies. To help you go through this process easier you should attend HR and relocation events and conferences.

We recommend the next EuRA conference: Being International with your DE&I Policy. You hear from many professionals in the industry that can help you become a better HR boss or employee.

About EuRA

The European Relocation Association (EuRA) is a relocation and global mobility non-profit organization that goes back to 1998. They provide information about the industry, as well as support and training for their members. They are aware of how difficult relocation can be for employees and their families. That’s why they want to help educate companies and professionals regarding those services.

EuRA has different objectives. They want to “track industry trends and disseminate industry information”, “provide support services to members by means of counseling, legal advice, etc.”, and more.

If you want to be a part of EuRA, you can become a member. There are different benefits you can get from it. You’ll be listed on their website, so clients can find you. You’ll also have free access to their MIM Training programs. And will be recognized as a true professional by clients thanks to EuRA’s good reputation. There are different types of memberships: full, associate, and supplier. So you can subscribe to the one that fits you best.

As a member, you also have the option to get the EuRA Global Quality Seal Plus. It is an accreditation that shows that you’re a high-level relocation service professional. In order to achieve this certification, you have to register and take their online training webinars.

Being International with your DE&I Policy Conference Details

The Being International with your DE&I Policy EuRA conference will be about “how best to formulate and implement your DEI Policy”. EuRA has announced that they’ll discuss “how to make your policy a living” and will “explain why we need to be intentional with our DE&I practices”.

This is an online web seminar:

Date: from October 14th, 2022 to October 15th, 2022.
Start: 2:00 pm (London time)

You can register now.

EuRA DE&I Policy Conference Speakers


Ben Sookia
Ben Sookia works at Newland Chase as an EMEA Advisory Services Manager. He guides clients in things related to project management with global immigration. He has worked helping clients from different industries, such as sports, pharmaceutical, IT, and oil and gas. As well as working for different law firms.

On the EuRA conference bios page, he describes his job as “…advising clients on securing work permits and visas …”.

He also speaks four languages, which always comes in handy when working in the relocation and global mobility industry.


Winnie Annan-Forson
Winnie Anna-Forson works in the financial services industry as Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist. She also co-founded the Excellerate company, which helps black and ethnically diverse people thrive and prosper in their careers.
She won the Professional Services Rising Star category at the Black British Business Awards and the We Are The City Rising Star Award.

Shradha Mithal
Shradha Mithal is the founder of Resettle, a mobility company that provides destination services. They help expatriates and companies relocate their employees to India and specialize in making the relocation process as comfortable as possible.
In our very own interview with her, she stated that her company encourages, “…clients to come with their family to know what the host city will be like. Also, we do school search and tenancy management, spousal support, and recently we started an immigration desk…”

Nouran Zarroug
She is a Talent Mobility industry freelance consultant. She has experience working with multinational companies in financial, tech, pharmaceutical, and more. She’s also the founder and Managing Director of NuLight Consultancy.

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