If you’re relocating employees from your company to San Antonio, Texas, from overseas, their knowledge of the city might be limited to the Alamo. While history and heritage are very much a part of life in San Antonio, there’s also a lot more to this vibrant city, which Texas Monthly magazine says just might be “the most interesting place in America right now.”

While your employees probably feel excited about their move to San Antonio, we’re betting that they’re also wondering a few things. What are the best places to improve your English skills in San Antonio? What’s it really like to live there? How can you form a new network of friends?

Let us help. Fluency Corp has collected some useful resources for both HR professionals who are relocating employees to San Antonio and international expats who are moving there themselves.

English Language Training in San Antonio

Anyone moving to San Antonio from overseas should make it a priority to sign up for some English classes. Even employees who have used English on the job before could find that working alongside native speakers is a big challenge. They might struggle to understand their new Texas co-workers — and find that others have a hard time understanding them as well.

Language classes aren’t just helpful for work, though. Being able to easily talk with new neighbors and fellow parents at school will help expats adjust to and enjoy life in San Antonio.

The benefits of working with an English tutor in San Antonio go beyond improving language skills, though. A local English instructor can also be a guide to the essentials of daily life in San Antonio. A great language trainer can help with everything from getting to know the city’s beloved Spurs basketball team to explaining why tacos are a breakfast food to attending Fiesta San Antonio.

San Antonio has plenty of options for English classes. As part of relocation packages, your company may even connect employees with a language trainer in San Antonio that suits their needs. If not, ask your employer to consider providing English training and accent reduction lessons at your office. This is a great investment in helping make relocations successful.

How can you find the English classes in San Antonio that are the perfect fit? Of course, we suggest that you start by learning everything we offer at Fluency Corp. We’re based in Dallas, but we also provide customized, private or small-group corporate English lessons in the San Antonio area. Our students can study with us at the office, at home or even online.

Our approach is to act as your fluency partners. Our English language training is live, not recorded, and all Fluency Corp instructors are native speakers. Students’ classes will be tailored to their needs — there are no “cookie cutter” lessons. As a result, they’ll speak confidently, clearly and with ease.

We’re also happy to recommend some fellow language trainers in San Antonio:

  • ILCSA (International Language Center at San Antonio). ILCSA is an extension of Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Mexico. Offerings include English classes for both adults and kids, as well as corporate language courses.
  • SEFLA Languages. Here’s another option for studying English in San Antonio. Language learners can join one of SEFLA’s morning or evening English classes, or opt for private or semi-private tutoring. Corporate language training is also available.

Services for San Antonio Relocations

We know there’s a lot more on your to-do list than just finding English classes in San Antonio, though. These companies can help.

  • TIS Worldwide. Based in El Paso, this family-owned moving company has been in business since 1976. The TIS team can help you with relocations from Mexico to San Antonio (and vice versa), as well as other international moves.
  • Place2Place. If your company needs a trustworthy partner to help with relocations to San Antonio, explore what Place2Place offers. Founder Clivia Bettelli Baskin and her team provide spousal support, culture training, language training and more services that ease employees’ transition to new environments. Be sure to check out the resources list for expats.
  • Cornerstone Relocation Group. Are you in charge of a major relocation project that’s sending lots of employees to San Antonio? This company handles big jobs with an innovative, high-tech approach.

Tips for Making Friends in San Antonio

San Antonio is known for its friendliness. Getting to know some local residents will help expats get the most out of San Antonio life and strengthen their English skills. Here are some ideas for meeting people in San Antonio.

At any point in your relocation project, we’re happy to advise on English classes for expats in San Antonio. To learn more, please contact us for a free consultation.