At Fluency Corp, we have lots of experience helping companies prepare to do business in Mexico. This is work that’s close to our hearts, since Fluency Corp founder Micah Bellieu has worked in Mexico herself and created her unique approach to language training based on her experiences there.
Spanish language training is essential for employees who are relocating to Mexico. Their Mexican counterparts will appreciate any attempt your employees make to speak Spanish and regard it as a sign of goodwill. At the same time, it’s also vital to learn about the nation’s culture, especially the rules and customs of the workplace. Here’s a quick overview to help you get started.

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Prepare your Employees for Working in Mexico

When you enlist Fluency Corp to train your employees who’ll be working Mexico, they’ll learn from experienced, native-speaker instructors. Whether they are studying in person or online, your employees will learn Spanish as it’s really spoken in Mexico, and their lessons will focus on the specific vocabulary and phrasing they need for their jobs.
Fluency Corp instructors also serve as invaluable guides to Mexican business etiquette and culture. For a free consultation, contact us at or (800) 401-3159.