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Developing a comprehensive strategy for managing language can help
transform that vulnerability into a source of competitive advantage.

Language pervades every aspect of organizational life. It touches everything. Yet remarkably, leaders of global organizations, whose employees speak a multitude of languages, often pay too little attention to it in their approach to talent management. As we have observed in countless organizations, unrestricted multilingualism creates inefficiency in even the most dedicated and talented workforces. It can lead to friction in cross-border interactions, lost sales, and a host of other serious problems that may jeopardize competitiveness. Developing a comprehensive strategy for managing language can help transform that vulnerability into a source of competitive advantage.

— Harvard Business Review

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A Terrific Tutor!

Fluency Corp’s instructors are terrific tutors – patient, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and challenging. In just a few months, my reading comprehension, conversation, and vocabulary are remarkably better. I would recommend Fluency Corp to anyone – regardless of current fluency.

Allan Brown


Use Fluency Corp First!

Fluency Corp’s instructor an amazing Spanish teacher. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn Spanish. The instructor was punctual, patient, and kind, understanding the learning process of a non-native speaker. If you are debating whether or not to call Fluency Corp or another organization, use Fluency Corp first. I promise you will be very happy with your results.

Alecia & Richard Bartel

Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback and His Sweet Wife

A Very Effective Approach to Language Learning

Fluency Corp has the best English teachers that I’ve ever hired. Since I joined Samsung in Richardson, TX, I’ve had several English classes. When I compare the way of teaching with others, the Fluency Corp approach was more effective. My instructor explained things clearly, and also covered pronunciation and grammar, which were some of my weaknesses. She was always on time and energetic.

Phillip Choi

Samsung Telecommunications

A Very Effective Approach to Language Learning

The foundation of Fluency Corp’s approach to education is customization and enjoyment of the experience. The Fluency Corp’s team take personal involvement in finding out every student’s needs in an individualized manner through interviews and case-by-case study, works with the teacher in planning how to address those needs and regularly follows up to track progress. They also make sure that the learning process includes methods and experiences enjoyable for the student, maximizing the involvement and commitment.

Alvaro Gomez-Muro

Ferrovial Agroman

Strongly Recommend

My instructor was the best tutor I have ever worked with. She knew what foreigners usually struggle with and provided very relevant advice. She was not afraid to point out mistakes, so I improved every class. She has a very firm curriculum, which I rarely found from others. She made the class fun. 

Yongki Min

Samsung Telecommunications

Excellent Tutor Who Is Committed to Client Success

My instructor was very knowledgeable and understood the issues a non-native speaker has. She was very good at the assessment process, great study materials and tutoring techniques to support the plan mutually developed with the student from the assessment. She was very patient and understanding.

We have been working together about 4 months and the results are very good. I have progressed tremendously in my use of English with my colleagues, in phone conversations and in written communications and emails. 

I truly feel that Fluency Corp is invested in my success and goes the extra mile to ensure we are making progress and utilizing every opportunity. I am pleased to highly recommend Fluency Corp as a 5 STAR English training company.

Elizabeth R.

Borden Dairy

They Motivated Me!

My instructor was patient and gave me motivation to continue learning. I was given lots of tips in class for me to be able to study on my own outside of the class too: websites, books, how to meet others, and CDs. My instructor had knowledge about learning other languages, so if you are a Japanese, Spanish or French speaker, Fluency Corp understands the challenges from your language to English.

Izumi P.

Hitatchi Corporation

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